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High Speed Doors

DYNACO industrial rapid roll-up doors, fabric roll-up doors, high-speed doors

Since their founding in 1987, DYNACO has grown to be a world leader in High Performance Door technology. However, DYNACO doors are more than just a high performance door. Simply put, they are the world’s safest and most energy efficient, complete door systems!

Aggressive, continuing research has resulted in multiple, patented, revolutionary technological innovations that offer real-world advantages to our customers. For instance:

There is a menu of multiple DYNACO doors to choose from, depending on your type of operation, and the applications you require. Based on the situation, our doors can be as large as 39 feet wide and 18 feet high, or as small as 3 feet wide by 4 feet high. With a wide array of available colors, multiple vision options, custom activation methods … we’ll build your DYNACO doors just the way you want them.

DYNACO fabric high-speed roll up doors are also the safest doors you will find. With a strong, yet remarkably flexible, reinforced PVC vinyl curtain, and a true soft bottom edge that has no rigid components, our door is completely safe for workers and products.

DYNACO doors also possess superior crash forgiveness. If, on impact, the door is dislodged from its side guides, the door automatically re-inserts itself with the push of a button. No costly downtime, no service call needed. Just continuous productivity.

Furthermore, DYNACO doors have a near perfect seal on all four sides. Limitation of leak flow is crucial for pharmaceuticals and food production, but it also limits energy loss through air exchange, which is critically important for almost every industry application in today’s environmentally sensitive world.

DYNACO doors are also internally, and externally, energy smart. They protect all your environments against wind, rain, snow, contaminants and harsh temperatures. They open and close extremely quickly, improving traffic flow while providing energy savings, employee comfort and environmental control, saving you significant bottom line dollars. And, with the smallest footprint in the industry, they use less of your valuable floor space.

And, if you have a security and/or fire door application, DYNACO comes through again. With a three hour fire rated steel security door, that is approved for use in Florida hurricane zones, DYNACO adds the unique telescoping Armor Door to its menu of safe and secure solutions.

For decades, DYNACO doors have been operating all over the world. Thousands and thousands are installed and operational in food processing facilities, manufacturing plants, aerospace applications, pharmaceutical environments and freezer locations. You name it, DYNACO doors, both large and small, are working 24/7. And, they have always been GREEN!


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Armor Door

Dynaco Doors

Dynaco Doors has many different options and doors specific for your industry.

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