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Strip Doors

TMI, LLC manufacturers the largest line of Industrial Strip Doors in the United States. TMI's Save-T™ Strip Doors, often called Strip Curtains, are the most economical solution to managing your workplace environment. Strip doors protect employees and goods from adverse environmental conditions, and make employees comfortable and efficient. TMI's full line of PVC strip doors and strip curtains are an economical way to improve workflow and productivity. Additionally, PVC strip doors provide environmental separation from wind, weather, noise, dust, fumes, odor, insects and other elements. Whether it is your loading dock or warehouse, or in your cold storage distribution facility, TMI's strip doors are guaranteed to slash your energy expenses and create a safer environment.

Strip Door

Industrial Curtains

Industrial Curtains from TMI are the most inexpensive solution for temperature, dust, overspray, smoke and humidity control in industrial and warehouse environments. Industrial curtains are lightweight PVC partitions that make great temporary walls and are designed to easily slide open and remain out of the way when not in use. Industrial Curtains can be used in large areas that require both environmental separation and easy access. Industrial curtain walls also aid in reducing energy bills as they eliminate the need to heat or cool unused areas. They are the perfect alternative to permanent walls. Both flexible and adaptable, industrial curtains from TMI are the best option for managing your environment.

Curtain Wall


FlexTherm Curtains

TMI's FlexTherm insulated curtain walls are barriers for temperature control in cold storage warehouses. FlexTherm walls are the perfect solution for quickly changing a room's configuration/application without excessive cost or planning. These temporary walls improve floor plan flexibility and increase energy savings by enabling users to separate cold storage areas from other workspaces. FlexTherm walls install easily into new and existing buildings and do not require building permits or facility shutdowns.

The most common application for FlexTherm Insulated Panel Walls is for temperature zoning, whether it be freezer-to-freezer, cooler-to-cooler, cooler-to-ambient, and air conditioning-to-ambient. Other applications for insulated panel walls include refrigerated areas, warehouse & distribution centers, food processing facilities, manufacturing & production plants, and data centers.

Thermal Curtain




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